Is Lies of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay

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Is Lies of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay created ripples in the gaming world since its recent release on September 14, 2023. This Soulslike game, by Round8 Studio and published by NEOWIZ, is drawing attention primarily for its intense challenge. Set in a mysterious Victorian world, the game casts players in the shoes of Pinocchio, who seeks his creator, Gepetto. But, what’s causing a stir is its absence of an easy mode, demanding players to confront its ruthless difficulty head-on.

Is Lies Of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay
Is Lies Of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay

As we delve deeper, this article aims to shed light on just how hard Lies of P truly is and what players can expect.

Summary of how hard is lies of p

Date Information Summary
September 14, 2023 Lies of P is released on various platforms. Play Lies of P on multiple platforms.
September 13, 2023 Mixed reviews of Lies of P surface. The game’s challenge might not be for everyone.
September 12, 2023 Confirmation of no easy mode in Lies of P. The game remains challenging with no plans for an easy mode as of now.
September 11, 2023 Lies of P becomes a highly anticipated Xbox Game Pass release. A significant title for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Introduction An Overview of “Lies of P”

Lies of P is more than a game; it’s an experience. A dark, twisted Victorian world awaits players, with Pinocchio’s quest at its core. Yet, the game’s challenge lies not in the narrative, but in the gameplay. With no easy mode in sight, players are left to their own devices to face the increasing difficulty.

The Challenge of Lies of P

Skill, patience, and observation become the tools of the trade. It’s no cakewalk, as even a single error can result in a swift demise. The need to study enemy patterns is emphasized, requiring players to act strategically. Moreover, perseverance will become your best ally, as death is an all-too-frequent companion in this journey.

Lies of P Review The Game Pass Dilemma

Is Lies Of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay
Is Lies Of P Really That Difficult? Understanding Its Rigorous Gameplay

Released on a plethora of platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, Lies of P was also a major title on Xbox Game Pass. However, the initial reviews, as of September 13, 2023, suggest a mixed response. While the game’s atmosphere and combat dynamics are praised, the sheer difficulty level has garnered criticism.

Boss Fights in Lies of P The Ultimate Test

Where the game truly tests your mettle is during its boss fights. Offering far more challenge than the regular enemies, bosses come with unique attacks that can easily catch players off guard. Thus, expecting a relentless fight and multiple defeats before a win becomes the norm.

The Lack of an Easy Mode A Double-Edged Sword?

As of September 12, 2023, confirmations suggest that Lies of P will not cater to those seeking an easier challenge. The lack of difficulty settings makes the game daunting for many. Speculations about the introduction of an easy mode in the future remain just that – speculations.

The Uniqueness of Lies of P More Than Just Difficulty

It’s not all about difficulty. Lies of P distinguishes itself with its unparalleled atmosphere, grotesque adversaries, and an intricate parry-focused combat system. Mastering this system becomes paramount for players to progress.

What Critics Are Saying A Mixed Bag

Initial reviews have painted a vivid picture of Lies of P. Some laud its unique setting and gameplay mechanics, while others find the game’s punishing difficulty a barrier to enjoyment. The game, while not universally loved, definitely cannot be ignored.

Conclusion Embracing the Challenge

In Lies of P, victory doesn’t come easy. Absent of any easy modes, it pushes players to their limits. However, those who rise to the challenge are treated to a memorable, immersive gaming experience.


1. Does Lies of P offer an easy mode?
No, the game currently does not offer an easy mode or difficulty settings.

2. Why is Lies of P considered challenging?
The game demands players to be patient, observant, and strategic, especially as even minor mistakes can be fatal.

3. Are boss fights in Lies of P harder than regular battles?
Yes, bosses pose a significantly higher challenge, coming with unique and often relentless attacks.

4. What sets Lies of P apart from other games?
Its unique Victorian setting, twisted narrative, and intricate parry-focused combat system make it stand out.