Remembering Evans Richardson Sufjan Stevens Dedicates New Album ‘Javelin’ to His Late Partner Memory?

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Remembering Evans Richardson Sufjan Stevens Dedicates New Album ‘Javelin’ to His Late Partner Memory? IV’s unexpected death on April 30, 2023, at the tender age of 43,

Remembering Evans Richardson Sufjan Stevens Dedicates New Album ‘Javelin’ To His Late Partner Memory?

sent shockwaves throughout various communities. Born on April 24, 1980, in St. Louis, Missouri, Richardson was not just an accomplished individual but also Sufjan Stevens’ beloved partner. Stevens, in a rare display of his personal emotions, recently released his album “Javelin” as a touching tribute to Richardson, an act that has captured the hearts and attention of fans and the public alike.

Evans Richardson IV was a prominent figure in his own right before his untimely passing. However, his death brought him to the limelight once more when famed singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens dedicated his latest album, “Javelin,” to Richardson’s memory. This act not only highlighted the depth of their relationship but also the void Richardson’s departure has left.

Summary of evans richardson death

Aspect Details
Date of Death April 30, 2023
Age 43 years
Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri
Profession Chief-of-Staff of NYC’s The Studio Museum
Album Tribute by Sufjan Stevens “Javelin”
Sufjan’s Description of Richardson “Light of my life, beloved partner and best friend”
Community Response Significant, especially in r/indieheads

Who Was Evans Richardson IV?

Evans Richardson was much more than just a partner to Stevens. Serving as the Chief-of-Staff of New York City’s The Studio Museum in Harlem, Richardson had a significant impact in the art and museum community. His passing at the age of 43 was a blow to all who knew and respected him.

The Cause of Evans Richardson’s Death

Richardson’s death remains shrouded in mystery. Despite the outpouring of grief and sympathy, the cause remains undisclosed. His obituary on Dignity Memorial confirms his age at the time of his death, reiterating the short time he spent on this earth.

Sufjan Stevens’ Tribute through “Javelin”

Stevens, usually private about his personal life, chose to express his grief and memories of Richardson through his music. “This album is dedicated to the light of my life, my beloved partner and best friend Evans Richardson, who passed away in April,” reads a heartfelt line from the album. This dedication gives fans a glimpse into the depth of their bond.

Community Response

The response to Stevens’ album dedication was profound, especially among the Reddit community in r/indieheads. The loss of Richardson, combined with Stevens’ touching tribute, has left an indelible mark on fans and friends alike.


Evans Richardson IV’s legacy is one of significant achievements and heartfelt memories. Through Sufjan Stevens’ “Javelin,” the world gets a chance to partake in a musical tribute that beautifully encapsulates the life and memories of Richardson. It’s a testament to the lasting impact one life can have on so many others.

1. Who was Evans Richardson IV?
Evans Richardson IV was the Chief-of-Staff of The Studio Museum in Harlem and Sufjan Stevens’ partner.

2. How did Sufjan Stevens pay tribute to Evans Richardson?
Sufjan Stevens dedicated his new album, “Javelin,” to the memory of his late partner, Evans Richardson.

3. What was the cause of Evans Richardson’s death?
The specific cause of Richardson’s death remains undisclosed as of now.

4. How old was Evans Richardson at the time of his passing?
He was 43 years old when he passed away on April 30, 2023.