What Happened to Amy Allen? Unraveling the Mystery of Her Departure

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What Happened to Amy Allen? Unraveling the Mystery of Her Departure  acclaimed physical medium and former star of the paranormal reality TV series Dead Files, surprisingly left the show in 2024 after 14 seasons. This unexpected move was met with astonishment and sadness by many fans, who had become accustomed to her profound insights into the paranormal realm.

What Happened To Amy Allen? Unraveling The Mystery Of Her Departure
What Happened To Amy Allen? Unraveling The Mystery Of Her Departure

However, her sudden departure has led to various speculations, with everyone trying to understand the reasons behind this decision. So, let’s delve deeper into the events leading up to and after this significant moment in her career.

Summary of what happened to amy allen

Aspect Details
Departure Date April 21, 2024
Years on Dead Files 14 seasons
Episodes Investigated Over 200 haunted locations
Partner on Show Steve Di Schiavi
Marital Status Married to Rob Traegler since 2011
Previous Marriage Divorced Matthew Anderson in 2009
Reaction from Fans Shocked and disappointed
Speculations Burnout, new challenges, disagreements with producers

Amy Allen’s Career in Dead Files

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Amy Allen had a crucial role on Dead Files, partnering with Steve Di Schiavi, an ex-NYPD homicide detective. Together, they sought to uncover paranormal occurrences in haunted venues. With Amy employing her mediumship talents to communicate with spirits and Steve utilizing his detective prowess to find tangible evidence, they made a formidable pair.

Throughout her 14-season journey on Dead Files, Amy explored over 200 haunted sites, assisting numerous families and establishments in understanding and addressing the paranormal phenomena they faced.

Amy Allen’s Departure Announcement

The paranormal community was taken aback when Amy announced her exit from Dead Files in April 2023. Though she has been an integral part of the show for over a decade, she didn’t specify the cause behind her decision. However, she expressed her gratitude for having the chance to share her unique gift with the world via Dead Files.

Speculations Surrounding Her Departure

As with any unexpected celebrity move, speculations are rife about Amy’s reasons for leaving Dead Files. Some fans hypothesize that the challenges of working on the show for so long might have led to burnout, while others believe she might be gearing up for a fresh adventure. There’s also talk about potential disagreements with the production team or discontentment with the show’s direction. Nonetheless, the exact reason remains a mystery.

Reaction from Fans and Media


Amy’s exit triggered a wave of shock and disappointment among Dead Files enthusiasts. Social media platforms were flooded with fans expressing their sorrow, gratitude, and well wishes for her future. Additionally, her departure became a hot topic in the media, resulting in numerous discussions and articles analyzing her decision.

Amy Allen’s Personal Life

In her personal life, Amy is presently married to Rob Traegler, with whom she tied the knot in 2011. Before this, she was married to Matthew Anderson, but the pair divorced in 2009. Allen has always maintained that she and Traegler offer mutual support in their respective careers and look forward to what the future holds for them.


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The enigma surrounding Amy Allen’s departure from Dead Files continues to intrigue many. While her exact reasons are not in the public domain, her significant contributions to the show and the paranormal community are indisputable. Regardless of her motivations, Amy has undoubtedly made an indelible impact on Dead Files’ fans.


Why did Amy Allen leave Dead Files?
The exact reason for Amy’s departure has not been publicly stated, though various speculations exist.

How long was Amy Allen on Dead Files?
Amy was on Dead Files for 14 seasons.

Who was Amy Allen’s partner on the show?
She was partnered with Steve Di Schiavi, a former NYPD homicide detective.

Is Amy Allen married?
Yes, she is currently married to Rob Traegler since 2011.